July 11 2012

A sample of what you may see on our 3 hr. Whale/wildlife tour.

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Grey whale in foreground Amphitrite Light house in background.

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2061 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours









                                                                                                             Two Grey whales

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2089 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tour

Grey whale diving

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2111 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours




Humpback whale

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2119 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours

Harbour Seals

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2151 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours

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