Whale Wildlife Watching 3 hour tour

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On our 3 hour Whale & Wildlife tour you can expect encounters with Grey and Humpback Whales, Black Bears at low tide, Stellar and California Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, Dolphins, sea birds, Sea Otters and visiting Orca whales await you in the magical waters of Barkley Sound.

©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours        Humpback Whale
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours       Steller Sea Lions

©Beachcomber Ocean Tours          Sea Otter
                                                                Bald Eagle

Adults $109.00, Children 6-12 $89.00, 2-5 years $69.00  under 2 FREE*Prices do not include 5% tax

We had 3 beautiful days here in Ucluelet, especially the whale watching with Cameron. Showing us the humpback whale and the seals! We enjoyed the evening dinners outside with the BBQ! And … Spring Salmon is the best there is! Jos and Elsie Humaarts, The Netherlands


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    are you already offering tours again? We would be interested in taking one this upcoming Tuesday or Wednesday or Friday, if possible. Thanks for getting back to us.

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    672 999 6959

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