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March 20 2018

 George Fraser Island was littered with Steller sea lions and California sea lions all mixed together.  California sea lions can be identified by their dark chocolate coat and a bulbous forehead. Steller sea lions have a lighter brown coat and are larger then California sea lions.

California sea lions having a moment

Oyster Catcher and Cormorant  guards.

Oyster Catcher’s can be identified by their bright red bill and pink legs,  bright yellow iris and a red eye-ring.

Steller sea lion practicing diving, swimming and having Fun in the water.



Aug. 13

Today was incredible while on our 3 hour whale/wildlife tour we had sightings of 5 Humpback whales all in the same location.  Explore the wild with Beachcomber Ocean Tours. To reserve your seats call 250 726-8921.

Three Humpbacks


IMG_8678 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours




Humpback pectoral fin

IMG_8728 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tour

Stellar Sea Lions

IMG_8759 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours