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July 3 to 14, 2014

Whale’s, Bear’s and wildlife Highlights

Grey Whale July 3

IMG_4997 1IMG_5009 1




Momma Black Bear July 7                                                        Mom  & Cub

IMG_5105 2IMG_5112 2


Black Fish loaded for Kayak drop off in BIG July 8        Juvenile Bald Eagle

IMG_5124 2IMG_5140 2


Grey Whale and Cormorants July 9                                     Eagle in flight

IMG_5158 2IMG_5148_2


The fog creeps in July 10                                                      Juvenile Bald Eagle July 11

IMG_5195 1

IMG_5285 1


Orca July 13                                                                             Orca Cow and Calf

IMG_5290 1IMG_5295 1


IMG_5307 1                                                                       First Halibut July 14



Spy hopping Grey Whale

Spy hopping grey whale surprised us coming up a few feet from our stern!!..Just checking us out and making sure we are ready for our annual Whale Fest events..

We are out there searching, monitoring, and recording year round!! Get on board for a west coast experience you will never forget..check crab traps, at low tide collect oysters, fish for salmon, halibut, rock fish then relax in our accommodations.