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Wild Whales b.c. cetacean sightings network

For the past two years Beachcomber Ocean Tours has participated in reporting all sightings of cetaceans while on the water. We have just received a letter from the B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network team, Heather Lord, Research Assistant and Caitlin Birdsall, BCCSN Coordinator, we would like to share a quote from this letter.

“Your sightings will of course be put to good use. Our database now contains close to 55,000 sightings of 23 species of cetaceans and sea turtles in and around British Columbia. Without the help of observers such as yourself this important data on cetacean and sea turtle distribution and abundance would not be collected. Our observers are directly affecting whale, Continue reading Wild Whales b.c. cetacean sightings network


“Leaving the dock aboard the M/V Black Fish, we’re surrounded by bald eagles and harbour seals. As our skipper, Cam MacPherson of Beachcomber Ocean Tours takes us into the Broken Group Islands, a gang of Steller’s sea lions basking on a rock wave at us with their flippers. (No, really.)”

Continue reading Enroute Magazine: Call Beachcomber for a memorable trip