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Gray Whale Encounter with Beachcomber Ocean Tours

April 6 2014

IMG_2922 2As we sat with our engine off near Salmon Beach this curious Gray Whale came right up to the Blackfish. Took a look at our passengers from Queensland Australia and the skipper then dove under the boat.



IMG_2923 1







IMG_2926 1 IMG_2935 1 IMG_2940 1 IMG_2943 2













Andy was out for a paddel he also  experienced this magical encounter.

You never know what mother nature will offer.

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Bamfield Whales & Wildlife with Beachcomber Ocean Tours

Aug. 7 2013

On our 6 hour Bamfield tour we have excellent sightings of all wildlife.

Big Black Bear.

IMG_0169 1






An unusual angle of a Grey Whale back and tail.

IMG_0181 1

These two Grey Whales have become quite attached.

IMG_0211 1




Sea arch on Effingham Island enroute to Bamfield.

IMG_0236 1





Big Eagle Nest.


Humpback blow hole.

IMG_0274 1