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Whale/Wildlife Watching with Beachcomber Ocean Tours

July 18 2013

Grey whale




Grey whale blow hole

Sea Lions.. the big guy looks like the Grinch





“Garfield” the Harbour Seal

A red coated harbour seal is rare





“Garfield” and friends

Amphitrite Lighthouse water view

Wild Pacific Trail in the background



Whale/Wildlife Watching

Aug. 1st 2012

A beautiful morning.. Beachcomber Ocean Tours heads out on an early morning Whale/Wildlife Tour.

Eagle swooping down as we leave the Harbour.





Commercial Fish boat heading out to the Fishing grounds.




Grey Whale and Kelp.




Afternoon Whale/Wildlife Tour.

Harbour Seals.




Cow and calf Humpback Whales.

Breaching Humpback Whale.

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An Excellent way to end the day!





Whale/Wildlife Watching with Beachcomber Ocean Tours

July 27 2012

Exciting times on the water the last few day’s..Grey’s, Humpbacks, Sea Lions





Grey Whale Tail                                                                       



Sea Lions




Humpback Tail


Two Humpbacks in unison



Humpback Blow Hole


Grey Whale

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Whale/Wildlife Watching

July 18th 2012

Join Beachcomber Ocean Tours on a 3 or 6 hr. tour within the Broken Group Islands.

Grey Whale Tail






Grey Whale diving


Humpback Blow Hole




Eagle Nest on Effingham Island, Mears Bluff






Sea Cave on Effingham Island









Raymond Island Candle Stick






Sea Lion Rock



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