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Whale/wildlife watching with Beachcomber Ocean Tours, Ucluelet

July 11 2012     

A sample of what you may see on our 3 hr. Whale/wildlife tour.

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Grey whale in foreground Amphitrite Light house in background.







 Two Grey whales




Grey whale diving




Humpback whale





Harbour Seals


Whale Wildlife Watch

July 11

While whale watching in Ucluelet today it was near the end of the tour when after much searching we found a humpback whale. Not only did we find a humpback, but a black bear was cruising the shore in the harbour.  Join Beachcomber Ocean Tours for your whale watching experience you won’t be disappointed. Call 250 726-8921 to make your reservation.

Stellars Sea Lions





Humpback Whale







Black Bear




Black Bear