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Aug. 1st 2012

A beautiful morning.. Beachcomber Ocean Tours heads out on an early morning Whale/Wildlife Tour.

Eagle swooping down as we leave the Harbour.





Commercial Fish boat heading out to the Fishing grounds.




Grey Whale and Kelp.




Afternoon Whale/Wildlife Tour.

Harbour Seals.




Cow and calf Humpback Whales.

Breaching Humpback Whales

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_3032 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours



                                                  Excellent way to end the day!

                                                To reserve call  250 726-3444





July 11 2012

A sample of what you may see on our 3 hr. Whale/wildlife tour.

Call 250 726-8921 to reserve

Grey whale in foreground Amphitrite Light house in background.

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2061 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours









                                                                                                             Two Grey whales

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2089 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tour

Grey whale diving

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2111 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours




Humpback whale

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2119 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours

Harbour Seals

©Beachcomber Ocean ToursIMG_2151 1
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours

July 10

Our Whale Watching and wildlife tour was so unbelievable yesterday I could not post all that we saw. So here is more. If you want a fantastic tour in Ucluelet call Beachcomber Ocean Tours, 250 726-8921 and make your reservation.

Humpback Whale’s blow & Pelicans in flight

IMG_6647 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours




Brown Pelican

IMG_6690 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours

Seal & Sea Otter hanging out

IMG_6738 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours





Humpback tail

IMG_6784©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours

Bald Eagle

IMG_6840 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours




July 9th

I have no words to describe all that we saw today other than It was Awesome, so join us on a Whale Watching tour in Ucluelet, call 250 726-8921 to reserve your seats. We had Sea lions, Brown Pelicans, Harbour Seals, Sea Otters, Seals, Humpback Whales, Bald Eagles, sun, and great people to share our wonderful back yard with. It doesn’t get any better!



IMG_6783 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours





                                                                           Sea Lions

IMG_6634 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours


                                                                              Brown Pelicans on land

IMG_6644 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours





                                    Brown Pelican in flight

IMG_6666 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tour


                                                             Brown Pelican on the water

IMG_6685 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours










                                                                                   Sea Otter

IMG_6723 1©Beachcomber Ocean Tours
©Beachcomber Ocean Tours















Whale Watching

June 17

Humpback whales and Grey whales can be found in our waters. 


                                                                                                           June 19

                                These two Harbour Seals make me smile, they always look so happy!  

Front & rear views.


“Leaving the dock aboard the M/V Black Fish, we’re surrounded by bald eagles and harbour seals. As our skipper, Cam MacPherson of Beachcomber Ocean Tours takes us into the Broken Group Islands, a gang of Steller’s sea lions basking on a rock wave at us with their flippers. (No, really.)”

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