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Whale, Wildlife watching with Beachcomber Ocean Tours

Aug. 9th 2012

Humpback Whale


Aug. 10th 2012.  You never know what you may see everyday is unique!

Black Bear foraging in the fog.






Sleeping Sea lions.





Kayakers get up close to a diving Humpback.






Aug. 12 2012

Enjoying beautiful Barkley Sound.






Humpback Whale




Aug. 14 2012


Humpback Cow & Calf.




Orca, Cow & Calf.






Eagle Nest.





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Whale/Wildlife Watching in Ucluelet

Aug. 1

August has started off great, today on our 3 hr. whale/wildlife tour out of Ucluelet we had sightings of Humpback whales, sea lions, sea gulls and so much more. Looking for a fantastic way to see Ucluelet, Broken Group Islands, black bears,whales, and other wildlife..Call Beachcomber Ocean Tours 250 726-8921 to reserve you seats.









Whale Watching in Ucluelet.

Join Beachcomber Ocean Tours on a whale watching tour in Ucluelet. Every day mother nature offers us the opportunity to view humpback whales, grey whales, orca whales, sea lions, sea otters, eagles, black bears at low tide and the most spectacular scenery. You  never know what you will see, so give us a call 250 726-8921 and join us on a whale/wildlife tour.