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May 14 2018

California Sea Lions resting till the next fish boat comes in

California sea lion antics

Humpback Whale showing it’s dorsal fin is barley visible through it’s spout

When humpback whale’s show their tail or ‘fluke’ like in the photo below, is an indication they are preparing to dive

In BC, the sea otter population had all but vanished until 1969 and 1972 when government biologists released 89 otters into the waters of  the West Coast of Vancouver Island. By 2008 the population had reached nearly 5,000. They are still listed as a species of “special concern,” have not yet re-established themselves on Haida Gwaii, inside Georgia Strait and along some stretches of the Central Coast.

Western Gulls are large white-headed birds with a heavy bill and pink legs. Breeding adults have a dark grey back, an orange ring around the eye and a red spot on the lower bill.


March 8 2018

This is what happens when the herring spawn. Our sea’s, coastline and skies explode with life.  On today’s tour we had sightings of at least 15 Gray whales within a 3 mile area off Salomon Beach, hundreds of Surf Scoters, Humpback whales, Eagles, Sea lions and more.

Gray whale and just a few Surf Scoters.

A few more Surf Scoters


Gray whale knobby back


Gray whale blow hole

Gray whale back



July 27 2012

Exciting times on the water the last few day’s..Grey’s, Humpbacks, Sea Lions.

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                                                                               Grey Whale Tail


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Sea Lions


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Humpback Tail

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Two Humpbacks

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Humpback Blow Hole


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Grey Whale


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