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Offshore and inlet salmon and halibut  fishing May 1 to Sept.30

With an abundance of baitfish for hungry salmon and halibut, we like to troll offshore for salmon first thing when arriving at the grounds. Using electric downriggers and rods with single action or level wind reels. Once the salmon is in the box we’ll target halibut. Occasionally we’ll troll for hali with salmon gear but it’s nice to get out the hali rods and spreader bars and bounce the bottom. With with the engine off we can hear the sounds of the Ocean birds and mammals. I prefer the  smaller halibut (chickens) but if big fish come our way we have the shark hooks, gaffs, harpoon and ropes to bring her home.

Rates: 4-5 hours 1-2 persons $545.  8 hours 1-2 persons $990. Add $50 per additional person (up to 4)


Not included: Taxes, Fishing Licences, large coolers, refreshments. Trips may be modified or canceled at captain’s discretion during inclement weather.

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